There are many different types of flat roofing systems and they can all have problems if they are not installed, maintained and repaired properly. Alternatively with the many types of flat commercial roofs, you can avoid issues with quality preventative maintenance – this is an invaluable asset when it comes to having a long roof life.

Common roof problems:

  • Deteriorating flashing
  • Improper repairs
  • Empty pitch pockets – which is a flanged piece of flashing material usually placed around irregularly shaped roof penetrations and filled with grout or sealer.
  • Open membrane seams
  • Debris
  • Ponding
  • Additions of penetrations post-installation – such as roof top equipment added after the roof has been installed.
  • Blistering – this also cover blistering, ridging, and splitting which can occur due to inadequate attachment of a roof system
  • Shrinkage – single-ply roof membranes can shrink and may pull on the flashing
  • Damaged flashing
  • Lack of Ventilation – this is a common roof problem that can stem from improper of a complete lack of ventilation. Visit our ventilation page for more details.
  • Mold
  • Roof rot

What can wear out your roof?

  • Structural movement – all buildings settle or expand/contract over time and depending on your roof type, it may not be very accommodating.
  • Exposure – either long-term exposure to the elements (sun, water, freeze-thaw) or shorter-term exposure to damaging air pollutants and chemicals which is not uncommon on commercial roofs
  • Plant growth – If proper care isn’t taken you could end up with a “green roof” unintentionally on a roof that was not built for it. Standing water or algae can hatch a garden.
  • Regularly delaying repairs – This can add up to a much shorter roof life. If a small problem is not repaired or it is delayed, this can result in a large amount of insulation being damaged.
  • Ignoring the importance of maintenance – This is perhaps the single biggest cause of premature roof failure, roof maintenance saves money.
  • Change in the use of the building – Perhaps you have a building that changes from a warehouse to homes. The change in relative humidity can cause an increase in the interior relative humidity of a building which can cause severe condensation problems within the roofing system.

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